Digital Bill of Rights


Digital Civil Rights

Ethical products, services, and software that respect digital civil rights must offer people the:

1. Right to Change Providers

(a) to move all personal data from one provider to the next;

2. Right to Protect Personal Data

(b) to own and control the master keys to encrypt all data and communication;

3. Right to Verify

(c) to freely inspect the source of all software locally executed;

4. Right not to be Tracked

(d) to have access to and knowledge of all collection and uses of personal data; and

(e) to obtain, correct, or permanently delete personal data controlled by any company and to have those requests honored by third parties;

(f) to opt-in consent for only the minimum personal data necessary to use a service; and

(g) to have all personal data permanently deleted once the data is no longer required, or upon request;

5. Right to Access

(h) not to be discriminated against nor exploited based on personal data;

(i) to be able to access and use the internet without internet service providers blocking, throttling, engaging in paid prioritization or otherwise unfairly favoring content, applications, services or devices;

(j) to have access to multiple viable, affordable internet platforms, services, and providers with clear and transparent pricing;

(k) not to have any of these rights removed through any terms of service.

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